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Right Life Intensive

Core Phit ™

Philosophical concepts that help guide you to inner peace and back to core belief and action alignment. Core Phit logic is basic nature theory that nurtures you in a loving non-intrusive manner that does not attempt to manipulate, nor convert. We help you examine your beliefs, morals, and actions, based on Universal Laws so you can determine the effects of your life choices.


Power Phit ™

Natural physical fitness and physical focus techniques that build strength and produce the results you desire without overexertion and harm to the body.  Power Phit workouts are low impact routines you can utilize at home, in the office, or while traveling. No exercise equipment is required nor necessary.

Focus Phit ™

Self-control and mental focus techniques that help you gain mastery over urges that could hinder your weight loss and life success. Focus Phit expands your consciousness, helps maintain the connection between mind, body, and spirit; forms clarity of cause and effect, and enhances understanding of your mental processes.

Nutri Phit ™

Nutri Phit is a new way of thinking about and interacting with your food and how your body responds to it.  You will also learn techniques to help control intake and learn which foods are right for your body to help you produce optimal health.


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