Spiritual Counseling Services

Spiritual Counseling Services



Spiritual counseling based in sacred and biblical scripture, patience, and love.



Spiritual Counseling, Suicide Prevention, Bereavement Support, Anger Management, Anger Management, Marriage and Relationship Support, Healing from Abuse, and Parenting Support.



Spiritual Counseling for social and emotional challenges

Spiritual counseling based in sacred and biblical scripture to support you during bereavement, marriage, and relationship challenges. We also offer support for healing from abuse and services for suicide prevention. Private or group sessions available.


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Selecting AdvanCN for your Spiritual Counseling services

We all need partners, advisors, and guides who have traveled our path, who are honest, patient, and will share their successful solutions as well as their failures. We also need individuals who have the ability to place themselves in our shoes who will help to make the most constructive choices and show us the best strategy to overcome our challenges. AdvanCN's ordained spiritual advisors meet and exceed these requirements, gracefully.


What inspires us

AdvanCN is a group of spiritual advisors, who have taken an oath to ensure the advancement and ascendence of the souls we have commissioned us to guide and support them.


What we love most about helping our clients

We love the client experience and contributing to the growth and advancement our clients achieve.
We also love sharing the knowledge that there is light within each of us, sometimes we just need a little help to make it shine.


Live Online and Remote services

Services are provided live online with HIPPA certified video conferencing as well as over the phone.


Covid-19 Safety

HIPPA certified video conferencing was implemented to ensure you can get the help you need regardless of your location.

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