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                                 TO OUR CREATOR - GOD
                                 Thank you for your love and patience. I am because of you, you are my foundation.

                                 TO THE SAVIOUR  - JESUS
                                 Thank you for sharing the truth and for lighting the path that all might find their way through the darkness, learn
                                 truth, gain insight and wisdom, and turn from destruction.

                                 TO MY CHILDREN

                                 Stephon, Ahjahnae, Angelique, and to all the children of the world:
                                 I sought to give you a hero – to leave you with a world I wish I had been born in, a world where all children are
                                 loved, where peace and justice reign, with a home comparable to Heaven, with a father as loving and patient as
                                 mine – God. Question all things. Truth and knowledge are your birthright, and seeking them is your responsibility.

                                 Anyone who lies to you, deceives you, or harms your flesh, does not love you, nor are they your friend.

                                 TO THE WORLD AND ALL WITHIN

                                 To the unwanted and those who were and are abused, here within is proof that you are loved.
                                 To the abusers, here within is proof that you will be held accountable.

                                 To all, the evidence herein is provided that we may right our path.

                                 SPECIAL THANKS TO
                                 Mark Hirmer – for your love, support, patience, and editing assistance.

                                 Gloria and Charles James – for your love and support.

                                 And special thanks to those who share this book.

                                 SOURCE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
                                 Biblical scriptures are quoted from the Holy Bible, New International Version (NIV) 1984 edition, unless otherwise
                                 noted.  Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by the International Bible Society.

                                 SACRED SCRIPTURES
                                 Sacred Scriptures are quoted from the Books of the Saviour
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