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                                 ISBN Ebook:          978-1-7337740-1-7
                                 Published By:        AdvanCN
                                 Offices:             Chicago, IL USA
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                                 Title:               Amen Code
                                 Subtitle:            The Advanced Teachings of Jesus Christ
                                 Version:             08.26.2021
                                 Pages:               839
                                 Word Count:          180,616

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                                 Author:              W. Iamwe Ph.D.
                                 Author Contact:
                                 Editing Assistant:   Mark J. Hirmer

                                 SACRED TEXTS REFERENCE BOOK
                                 Books of the Saviour with chapter and verse numeration is the preferred reference source for the Amen Code.
                                 ISBN: 978-1-7337740-9-3
                                 Order at:

                                 EVIDENCE SPREADSHEETS AND RESOURCE FILES
                                 All charts and spreadsheets are available on the Resource DVD, as well as resource information and files.
                                 To view the calculations within a chart’s cell the spreadsheets are required.
                                 Donate to receive the Resource DVD. Login to
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